Bedroom Carpets Ideas

Ideas for Dream Bedroom Carpets

Carpet makes a great choice for a bedroom. It is soft and warm for when you step out of bed and walk around with bare feet. Bedroom carpets generally get less wear, so you can afford to indulge yourself with pale colours and soft deep or velvety pile bedroom carpets. In the bedrooms that are used on a regular basis I would recommend underlay and a better quality carpet, but for guest rooms felt-backed bedroom carpets will be good enough.

For a child’s bedroom I would always recommend a stain resistant carpet just for those occasions when the washable felt tip pen decides to have a party on the carpet. Also when choosing the colour of bedroom carpets for children think carefully about how long you want it to last. A Barbie pink bedroom carpet or Sponge Bob yellow carpet may not be appropriate in a few years time!

From a wear point of view laminate and wood can also be used in bedrooms, however the down side of these are that they can be noisy. Not much fun if you are downstairs and it sounds like a heard of elephants are having a stomping party.

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