Buying British Carpets

Recently I fitted some carpets for customers who wanted to buy British Wool carpet made in Britain and they waited over 6 months to get a carpet made from Swaledale and Herdwick sheep’s wool.

This got me to thinking, was there a quicker way to buy British carpets. So I did a little bit of research and I found out the following:

  • Wool from the 31 million sheep in Britain is some of the best for making carpets, because the fibres from our sheep are some of the strongest and most resilient in the world.  Making the carpets tough, but springy so they don’t flatten under your feet.
  • Over 75% of the wool produced in this country is used in the carpet industry both here and abroad.
  • As long as sheep keep eating grass and growing their fleeces, wool is 100% renewable.  It is also bio-degradable and one of the most interesting facts I found was that the Rhubarb Triangle in Yorkshire still use a manure and wool mixture to fertilise their crops.
  • Wool has other benefits, due to its moisture and nitrogen content it is naturally fire retardant, it naturally springs back after being squashed by feet, it is resistant to odours and staining.

I finally investigated which companies make carpets from this lovely home grown wool and I was surprised how many companies there were.  The manufacturers I deal with on a regular basis include Mr Tomkinson, Whitestone Weavers, Thomas Witter and Westex.   For all of these we can have your new British carpets on the floor within a couple of weeks of you placing a order.  For a full list of manufacturers who make carpets from British wool in the UK visit the British Wool Marketing Board and for more info on wool and its benefits in carpets and other products visit the Campaign for Wool.


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