Carpet Care – Vacuuming Key to Carpet and Floor Maintenance

I read in the Daily Mail today that vacuum sales are falling and they give two possible reasons. Firstly in these credit crunch times we are making do with our older vacuums and secondly that we are not cleaning as often. I hope that the latter is not the case because regular vacuuming of our carpets, vinyls and wood floors helps keep them looking as good for longer.

With regular vacuuming you get rid of the tiny particles of dust and grit that we bring into our homes as part of every day life that you cannot see. On all types of flooring these small bits fall on all areas and cause damage. On carpets they damage the pile. On vinyls, laminates and wood floors these bits of dirt act like sand paper rubbing away the surface of these floors.

The best two tips I know of for keeping your flooring looking good for longer are.

  1. Firstly fit a door mat at every entrance to your home. Even if people (and pets) do not wipe their feet the rough surface of a door mat will get rid of the worst of the grit and dirt.
  2. Secondly give your vacuum cleaner an outing at least once a week in any room in your home that has been used.

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