Carpet Cost – Rough Guide 2012

Every week some will ask me over the phone “How much will my carpet cost?”.  This is a question that it is a really difficult to give an accurate answer to without knowing how much carpet you need and what kind of carpet you want to put down.

However most people want a rough idea whether they can afford a new carpet or flooring so I have put my thinking cap on and I have come up with the following table, which shows a vary rough estimate of the starting price for carpet cost, supplied and fitted various rooms, in various qualities of carpet, with and without underlay.

Room Approx size Product Fitted prices start at
Small Bedroom 10m2 Felt backed bedroom carpet £120Extra for underlay £45
Large Bedroom 16m2 Felt backed bedroom carpet £190
50/50 Twist pile £275
Extra for underlay
Lounge 20m2 50/50 Twist pile, with underlay £420
80/20, 40oz twist pile, with underlay £500
80/20, 50oz twist pile with underlay £550
Hall Stairs & Landing 25m2 50/50 Twist pile with underlay £560
80/20, 40oz Twist pile with underlay £650
80/20, 50oz Twist with underlay £685

Prices right at September 2012

We always recommend using underlay in rooms or areas that get loads of wear, like lounges, halls, stairs and landings. This is because underlay prolongs the life of your carpets and makes them look good for longer. If you already have underlay this can be used provided it is not worn out. Don’t fit your new carpet on old underlay as it will make it wear out quicker!

This is just a rough guide. To get an accurate price get a local company to come round to measure up and give you a quote. Most companies including us (we supply and fit carpets Leicestershire, Rugby, Northampton and surrounding areas) will do this for free with no obligation.


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