Carpet Fitting – How to avoid Lumps & Bumps

Carpet fitting and vinyl floor laying requires proper preparation. The first and one of the most import jobs that must be done first is to sweep up and remove any debris from the floor. Any small piece of rubbish under a carpet will show up on the final floor and if left there will be unsightly and cause wear and tear. Any lumps and bumps in the floor underneath vinyl will look awful and again cause the flooring to wear out quicker. There are some easy solutions to this.

The first thing a good flooring company should do inspect the floor the new carpet or vinyl is to be fitted on and if it is uneven explain the affect it will have on the look of your new flooring and advise on what floor prepation should be done to solve this problem.

The second thing that all good floor fitters should do before installing a new floor is to sweep the floor. In fact one of the first things we teach our new carpet fitters and floor layers at Stewart Groom Carpets and Flooring is how to sweep up properly.

By doing this problems with carpet fitting lumps and bumps like the one shown on this video can be avoided. This is a clear lesson in how not to fit carpets.



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  1. interface carpet tiles May 2, 2013 at 10:06 am #

    Handy video! Ill use this for when we lay our carpet down. Its going to be far easier to take the bumps and lumps out at the time of laying the carpet.

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