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Carpets & Floors – 7 Easy Things to Do to Keep them Looking Great

1. Fit a Doormat All types of carpets & floors get damaged by the small pieces of dust and grit we bring into our homes on our shoes, so get a good doormat fitted to get rid of the worst of this.  It is never too late to fit a doormat. 2. Love your Vacuum Vacuuming is one […]

New Build Home – Carpets & Flooring

If  you are about to buy a new build home, in addition to choosing the kitchen and bathroom fittings, you will have to also consider what you want to put on the floor of your new home. Making the right choice is important, not only because your carpets and flooring are always visible, but because […]

Neutral Wool Carpet – My Recommendation

Tompkinson Twist – Recommended Neutral Wool Carpet Are you looking for a neutral wool carpet for your home?  There are plenty to choose from but my personal recommendation is Mr Tomkinson Twist. This is a product that no only looks good, it is great to fit and is good value for money.  It is an […]

Decorate your living room to complement your flooring

The heart of any home is the living room, a haven of space that can provide rest and relaxation away from a busy lifestyle, and an important location in which to socialise and spend time with friends and family. When it comes to decor, a living room space can be adapted to provide anything from […]

Sustainable Flooring Choices

More and more of us are becoming increasingly aware of the adverse impact our day to day choices can have on the environment. Driving the car, not recycling our waste and high gas and electricity use all contribute to an increase in CO2 emissions. Advances in education and awareness mean many people are now much more […]

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