Carpet Manufacturing Methods

Carpet Manufacturing Methods

The main carpet manufacturing processes used for virtually all the carpets sold in the UK today is either Woven or Tufted.  With 95% of all carpet products being manufactured and sold are made with the Tufted method.  The main difference between these two methods are the time the carpet manufacturing process takes and consequently price.

Tufted carpets

During the carpet manufacturing method for woven carpets  hundreds of needles are threaded with yarn and pushed through a backing fabric to make loops or tufts.  These loops are then left or cut in different ways to create different pile styles of carpet.   A heavy adhesive is then used to hold the tufts in place and then a secondary backing is glued on for strength and stability.

Woven carpet

Nowadays the woven carpet manufacturing process only accounts for a very small proportion of the carpet sales today but this method creates some of the finest, most durable and expensive carpets.  A woven carpet will take 8 times as long to create as a tufted carpet.  The three main types of woven carpet are Axminster, Wilton and Flat Weave.

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