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Asthma Carpets and My Personal Experience

Asthma Carpets & My Personal Experience I am not a doctor, but I have suffered from Asthma since I was a small child and I have worked as a carpet fitter since I left school and all the information on the affects of carpet on Asthmatics is very confusing. I can only tell you about my experience, with my […]

Carpets & Floors – 7 Easy Things to Do to Keep them Looking Great

1. Fit a Doormat All types of carpets & floors get damaged by the small pieces of dust and grit we bring into our homes on our shoes, so get a good doormat fitted to get rid of the worst of this.  It is never too late to fit a doormat. 2. Love your Vacuum Vacuuming is one […]

Judging Carpet Quality – Using Pile Weight

Judging Carpet Quality – Using the Pile Weights The carpet pile weight tells you how much yarn fibre has been used per square metre of carpet. This is a good indication of how dense the strands of carpet fibre are.  Density is important because it effects how the carpet is going to look and perform. […]

Engineered Wood Flooring New Range from Xylo Now Available

Xylo Flooring have re-launched all their engineered wood flooring range and we just had the new samples delivered. They have always had a  wide range of oak flooring in different grades, (the grades indicate the variation in colour and grain) plank widths and finishes (for example oiled v lacquered).  They have also introduced some stained and distressed […]

Folding Carpets – Why is it a bad idea?

I usually see people folding carpets on one of three occasions: DIY delivery; you buy a new carpet from a shop and need to get it into the boot of your car to take it home When Decorating; to avoid spilling paint you take up a carpet to do a bit of decorating and fold it up […]

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