Carpet Pile Types – Decides the Carpet Style

The pile type determines the style of the carpet.  During the manufacturing of tufted carpets the manufacturer can alter the pile length and they can also cut or leave the pile to create a wide variety of styles.  The most popular styles of carpet pile at the moment are:

Tompkinson 80/20 Twist

Twist pile, this is a cut pile carpet. The yarn is also tightly twisted. This is makes a hard wearing finish that is ideal for plain colours. Twist piles typically come in a wool /man made mix with 80% wool and 20% synthetic being the most popular. Many ranges including the Tomkinson Twist shown here come in a selection of pile weights.

Loop Carpet Island Weave

Loop carpet is made from uncut loops of yarn which can be flat or textured.  Over the last few years these have been produced in a wide range of patterns and texture to give natural affect carpets.  They are available in 100% wool, 100% man made all all sorts of fibre mixes in between.   This type of carpet is great for all sorts of rooms.

Tomkinson Classic Berber

Berber carpets are a specific type of loop pile carpet.  They are named after the handmade wool carpet mad by the Berber tribes of North Africa.  The loops of fibre which can be 100% or a blend of mixed fibres are often flecked and thick giving a cushioned affect.

Until recently Patterned carpet has been completely out of fashion, however striped carpet, is becoming popular especially for hall stairs and landings.
More traditional patterned carpets, are generally woven and very hardwearing and good at keeping its appearance.  A traditional patterned Axminster carpet will last forever and will take 8 times as long to make as a woven carpet. For this reason they are very expensive.

Saxony Tomkinson Emerald Gold

Saxony carpet has a deep pile which is popular for bedrooms as it has a sensuous feel and a look of luxury. The long pile is more difficult to clean though and can flatten easily, so it’s not recommended for hallways, stairs or main rooms where it’s likely to take the heaviest wear.

Unfortunately computer screens do not allow you to see the carpet samples in three dimensions. This page is just to give you a rough idea of the different pile types. We would always recommend that you touch and feel carpet samples before making any purchase decisions.

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