Judging Carpet Quality – Using Pile Weight

Judging Carpet Quality – Using the Pile Weights

The carpet pile weight tells you how much yarn fibre has been used per square metre of carpet. This is a good indication of how dense the strands of carpet fibre are.  Density is important because it effects how the carpet is going to look and perform. Typically the larger this number the more dense the pile (ie the closer together the individual tufts of carpet will be). This makes this a very good guide for choosing the right quality of carpet for each room type, providing you are comparing carpets of similar pile heights.  

A longer piled carpet with the same carpet pile weight as a shorter piled carpet will not have the fibres as close together, because the weight is calculated based on the amount of yarn used in each square metre.

The densities are typically measured in ounces typically ranging from 30oz to 60oz, although heavier weight carpets are available.  The heavier the pile weight the more expensive the carpet will be. The most common weights are 30oz, 40oz, 50oz and 60oz.  For rooms that get the most wear, for example the main living areas and hall, stairs and landings a weight of at least 40oz is recommended and in a very busy home then 50oz should be considered.  If the information on pile weight is available it will be shown on the carpet label and some companies, like Tomkinson, Georgian Carpets and Westex manufacture the same product with the same colour ranges in several weights.  For people who want the same colour carpet throughout their home this means they can budget for a lesser weight carpet in the bedrooms.

Carpet pile weight can be good rough guide for comparing the quality of similar types of carpet. Unfortunately not all manufacturers put the pile weight on the product. It is typically available for twist pile carpets with a large proportion of wool content.  For shorter pile, man-made products carpet pile weight will generally not be available because there are other factors that will influence the carpet quality.

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