Carpet Trends for 2013

Carpets are back in a big way. Though the last few years have seen functional vinyl flooring and hardwood dominate the modern household, the latest trends for 2013 have put a bit more softness back into the home. Luxurious materials, prints inspired by the past and cool contemporary gradients are all making their mark in the industry, so read on for a quick overview of the key carpet trends for this year.

Dramatic Opulence

With fashion embracing the exotic this season, it`s no surprise that this is reflected in home furnishings too. Oriental, jewel-like colours of peacock, plum and brooding reds are swirled in with organic patterns and textured piles. While black has never been an obvious choice in flooring, this year has seen it become prominent in collections from Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen, with vintage scroll, natural motifs and fleur de lys making an appearance in other deep and dark carpet designs. Partly inspired by the media prominence of early 20th century styles like Art Deco  think the Great Gatsby adaptation   visuals are strong, furniture is vintage and one-off and carpets are plush and richly decorated.

Touch and Texture

While low-looped and cut-pile carpets are staples in a modern family room, recent trends have been favouring a mix of different textures and heights. Equally useful in terms of the dirt levels and high-traffic concerns of a busy home, textured styles can bring visual interest in a more understated fashion than bold prints or statement colours.
Along with the love of texture, consumers are increasingly demanding eco-friendly carpet solutions and are buying recycled materials and opting for rough and un-dyed finishes as a result. A touch of natural artisan craft in the home is popular as a counter to the prevalence of technology in modern living; woven hemps, sisals and linens underfoot can reclaim a sense of simplicity, comfort and timelessness for any room.

 Neutrals versus eye-popping colours

Urban contemporary style has long favoured man-made materials like vinyl, metal and glass, as well as chic colour choices like beige and white for a plain, uncluttered look. Today`s urban trends are following similar lines, with a range of greys back in fashion, along with taupe and soft accents of mint, violet and pale pink. The key thing to focus on here is a cool, breezy finish.

However, you can also turn the volume up a notch with colour blocking and high-contrast accents. Team a flat, matte red or persimmon orange carpet   a favourite of the catwalk this season   against a neutral backdrop and you have a key look for 2013. Graphic and geometric prints also fit in well with this kind of scheme, with text used on carpets in monochromatic black and white tones. Contemporary uses of classics like dog-tooth and checks have also been seen in the showrooms. Choose functional nylon piles and cuts for this kind of style.

The usual rules still apply when shopping for the right carpet for your home. Consider how you use a room: big families and those with small children may require more hard-working, easy-maintenance carpets. Think carefully about high-looped Berbers, as these can get caught by furniture like armchairs or pulled out easily by claws if you`re a pet-owner. This said, there`s a style to satisfy even the most demanding of households this year. Durable and chunky textures, plain but colourful shades and highly-patterned period pieces can all be practical choices for the modern home, so all that remains is to get choosing.

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