Choosing the Right Carpet

Lounge in Tomkinson Twist Supreme by Stewart Groom Carpets
New carpets are the finishing touch to a newly decorated room, together with the other soft furnishings like curtains and cushion they bring together the final look of your home.

There are lots of different types, styles and colours, so there is a carpet to suit everyone.  However buying a new carpets is not something most people do every day so it can be difficult to know what to choose that will not only look good, but be suit you and your families lifestyle and be within your budget.

The things you should consider before getting a home consultation for new carpets are as follows:

Wear & tear – Practical considerations

The carpets you choose have to be tough enough to cope with your lifestyle.   Is it going to be in a room just used for high days and holidays or is it going to be walked on by everybody who lives in your home everyday.  Do you want this carpet to last for many years or is it just a quick tidy up job to sell your home, so only needs to look good for a few months.

The key factors that affect how much wear a carpet can take are;

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Carpet Styles and Colours

The different pile types created during manufacture of carpets creates the different styles and textures of carpets.  Not only do these different pile types affect the look of the carpet but they also affect the durability.

Carpets come in a wide array of patterns and colours.  If you are choosing a carpet for a rental property or to sell your home, neutral colours are recommended.  However for your own home, choose the colours that you love and want to live with.  Don’t forget to make sure you can see the colour in daylight and under artificial light.

What budget should I set aside for my new carpets?

Carpets will be one of the more expensive items you buy for your home, however it is one of the items you see and use the most and should last a number of years.  For this reason you should buy the best carpet you can afford.   Carpets are sold by the square metre you should consider paying at least £15m fitted,  for bedroom quality ranging to  £60+ per metre for Axminster woven carpet.  The most popular type of carpets we supply and fit are 80/20 twist piles (80% wool and 20% synthetic).  Typically  a 40oz pile weight, suitable for most living areas you should expect to pay between £20m and £35m fitted.

The other thing you need to think about is underlay and accessories.  We we would always recommend that underlay is fitted in the areas that are going to get the most traffic, such as living rooms and hall,stairs and landings.  Underlay comes in various different types, prices start at £5 ranging to £10m.  Your carpet retailer or carpet fitter should be able to advise on what would be the best underlay for your new carpet.  Never fit new carpet on old underlay.

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