Cheap Carpets, Cheap Flooring – Is that really what you want?

Cheap carpets and cheap flooring are two of the most popular phrases people put into Google when looking for new carpets.  In the last 12 months there were and average of 33,000 searches per month for cheap carpets and 40,000 per month for cheap flooring.

Does this mean that these people are looking for the very cheapest carpet or flooring even if it is not right from a visual or practical view point or is it just that customers want to make sure the get the best possible deal on the new carpets and flooring in their home.

I am assuming that customers don’t want the very cheapest of carpets but do want the best possible flooring for their budget.  So how can they be sure of getting that.  There are three key points to consider:

  • Selecting the right quality of carpet for the amount of wear and tear and your lifestyle is very important, especially if you want your new carpet to last.  A bedroom quality carpet will be cheaper than heavy domestic carpet, but it will soon wear out if it is fitted on stairs.
  • Don’t forget to include the cost of any accessories & fitting in the total costs.  Many companies give headline low prices on the carpet only to charge ridiculously high prices for the underlay, doorbars and other accessories.  When I key cheap carpets into Google the first company that comes up is Carpetright and they sell their carpets at low prices but their accessories at high prices!  The remaining companies just sell you the products via the internet, so you will need to find a local fitter to lay your carpet.
  • Finally if you want your new carpet to look good from day one and wear well you need to get it fitted properly.    Choosing the right carpet is only half of the decision.   A badly fitted carpet will always look like a cheap carpet irrespective of how much you pay.

In conclusion, if you are looking for new carpets or flooring decide if you are looking for a cheap carpet or a good value for money carpet.  If it is the later then contact a local independant retailer to price for the new carpets and compare it with a big company like Carpetright or buying online and I think you will be surprised how competative it is.  What’s more with the local company you will have a person who will take responsibility for the whole job from planning, fitting and after sales care.








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