Cheap Karndean Flooring – Top Tips for Buying & Fitting

Karndean flooring is not a cheap flooring solution, it is a premier product that must be installed properly. There are lots of websites offering cheap Karndean flooring, but before rushing to buy from these sites, consider the following top tips to make sure you really are getting the floor you want at the right price:

  1. You will need to estimate how much flooring you need, again these sites give you guidence. However if you get it wrong, it is at your cost. If you don’t order enough, it may delay the work and you will have to pay a second delivery charge. If you order too much you can send it back, but you usually have to pay the return delivery and there is often a restocking charge of up to 30% of the price. When you buy Karndean or any flooring product from a local flooring specialist they will do all the estimating and it is their responsibility to get it right.
  2. Price -quite often these websites quote prices exclusive of VAT, this means they look 20% cheaper than they actually are.  Also make sure you know how much delivery will cost as Karndean is a heavy product.
  3. The cheap Karndean flooring websites generally do not send out Samples.  Instead they recommend requesting them from the  Karndean official website. Karndean offer a very prompt service, however generally these samples are very small and there is a limit on the number you cans send for.   Your local Karndean specialist will bring all the samples even those you discount based on the picture of the website.
  4. Fitting – Karndean is not recommended as a DIY product.  It must be fitted on a dry, smooth subfloor using the correct adhesive.  So you will need to find a Karndean fitter.  A good Karndean floor fitter will charge between, £140 and £200 per day and  fit between 10 and 15 square metres depending on how complicated your design is.

Karndean is a lovely product, we have been supplying and installing it for over 10 years, but it does not matter how much or how little you pay for it, if it is badly fitted it will look terrible.

Before buying this product on the internet, why not get your local retailer to give you an estimate, (they usually do this for free).  I think you will be surprised that a complete job will provide good value for money and a lot less hassle than buying cheap Karndean flooring on the internet.

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