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Vacuuming Carpet – Why Bother

An article in the Daily Mail in 2010 said that vacuum sales are falling and they gave two possible reasons. Firstly we are making do with our older vacuums and secondly that we are not cleaning as often. I hope that the latter is not the case because regular vacuuming of our carpets, vinyls and […]

Carpets & Floors – 7 Easy Things to Do to Keep them Looking Great

1. Fit a Doormat All types of carpets & floors get damaged by the small pieces of dust and grit we bring into our homes on our shoes, so get a good doormat fitted to get rid of the worst of this.  It is never too late to fit a doormat. 2. Love your Vacuum Vacuuming is one […]

Folding Carpets – Why is it a bad idea?

I usually see people folding carpets on one of three occasions: DIY delivery; you buy a new carpet from a shop and need to get it into the boot of your car to take it home When Decorating; to avoid spilling paint you take up a carpet to do a bit of decorating and fold it up […]

Rental Property Carpet vs Laminate

Rental Property Carpet v Laminate ? Stewart Groom Carpets and Flooring have been supplying and fitting carpets and laminates to landlords in the Rugby, Leicestershire and Northampton areas for over 20 years.  Since laminate became available in the 90’s, it has always been a popular choice with landlords, but is it the right choice, in […]

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