Damaged Carpets and Flooring – Insurance Claim Advice

Have you accidentally spilt something on your carpets or floors? Burn it with an iron? Had a flood? In all these cases you may be able to claim on your home insurance policy for a new carpets and flooring to replace your damaged carpets or flooring.  What you need to do is as follows:

Can I make an Insurance Claim for Damaged Carpets or Flooring?

  • Check you insurance policy to see if the damage to the carpets is covered.  For example you will need accidental damage cover for iron burns or paint spillage.
  • Check you excess, (the amount you have to pay of the claim).  If you have a large excess and it is only a small room needing new flooring it may be cheaper and less hassle to pay for the work yourself and not lose you no claims bonus.

How to Make the Claim for Damaged Carpets or Flooring?

  • Call you insurance company and tell them you need to make a claim for damaged carpets. In the case of a spillage they will probably send somebody out to try and clean your carpets or floor first.
  • If cleaning doesn’t work or your carpets or flooring is damaged beyond repair you will need to get quotes for new flooring, some companies will send out their own representatives to do the estimates or you will have to get two written quotes from a local carpet retailer.

Getting the Right Quote for the new carpets & flooring

Some insurance companies insist that you must use their preferred supplier or accept a reduced amount if you do not use their recommended retailer.  This is NOT TRUE and what they are doing is illegal.  If this happens complain to the insurance company in the first instance and if this does not work complain to the Finance Ombudsman.
All insurance companies are regulated by the Finance Ombudsman and he has ruled that this behaviour is not acceptable.More information can be found at following page on theFSA website Ombudsman News October 2001 – Read the article “Repair/Replace or Cash”
  1. Most insurance policies are “new for old” and they will cover you for flooring of the same quality. If you bought the flooring yourself, look for the original invoice so you can check the details of your flooring and how much you paid. This will help ensure that you get a quote for a similar priced product. If you had your original carpets or flooring supplied by Stewart Groom but have lost the invoice, give us a call because in most cases we will be able to tell you exactly the product used and whether it is still available. Otherwise you will have to rely on the flooring estimator knowing enough about flooring to advise on the quality.
  2. Some insurance companies will send out their own representatives to give you an estimate for the work that needs doing to replace or repair your damaged carpets or flooring.  They may have a list of recommended retailers, however whatever they say, you do not have to use them or accept a reduced price if you decide to go elsewhere.
  3. Alternatively contact a local retailer and get them to give you a quote. We are always happy to provide insurance quotes to customers looking for flooring and carpets in Leicester, Northampton, Rugby and the vicinity. We aim to send you a written quote by email or post within 2 working days of visiting your home to measure up.


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