Folding Carpets – Why is it a bad idea?

I usually see people folding carpets on one of three occasions:

  • DIY delivery; you buy a new carpet from a shop and need to get it into the boot of your car to take it home
  • When Decorating; to avoid spilling paint you take up a carpet to do a bit of decorating and fold it up in the corner out of the way
  • Storing  Old Carpet; you are having a new carpet, but you want the old one relaid in your bedroom or a friends house and fold it up in the garage or spare room

Folding carpets is a definite no!!  Let me explain why.  The creases that you introduce will be virtually impossible for any carpet fitter to remove however good he is. With new carpets it is even worse because they are have a stiff backing and folding carpets can break the backing of the carpet and again this will show as a crease when it is fitted. When buying a new carpet, either get the shop to do the delivery or pay your carpet fitter to collect it in his van.  Why ruin your lovely new flooring to save a few pounds, it is an expensive mistake that you will have to look at everyday.  We also wouldn’t recommend this alternative approach for home carpet delivery that was posted on You Tube by Gary McKenna who filmed it on his mobile while a passenger in the car travelling behind.

If you are taking up a carpet to decorate or to give to someone else. Roll it up.  Most carpet fitters will come and take up your carpet and put it back after decorating for a fixed cost, so give them a call. It will cost you less in the long run.

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