Why New Carpet Sells Houses Fast

When you put your house on the market the last thing you want to do is spend any money on it, but you also want to get it sold as soon as possible and move on to the next stage of your life.  If you watch any of the house programs like Phil Spencer, Secret Agent or Sarah Beeny’s Selling Houses they quite often recommend that house vendors get new carpets to help the house sell.   So when do you need to buy new carpets to sell your house and what type of carpets should you buy to sell your house.

Five Carpet & Flooring Problems that will Prevent House Sales

  • You have strong colours or bold pattern carpets – these carpets are just not in fashion any more they will make your house look dated and they will make the rooms look smaller.
  • You have bad stains on the carpet – if your carpets are neutral and can look as good as new with cleaning, then get them professionally cleaned and don’t worry about replacing them.  However if they have bad stains or heavy traffic marks then don’t waste money getting them cleaned, get them replaced.
  • You have smelly carpets – unfortunately carpets can trap smells and even professional cleaning may not remove them.  A nasty whiff, from carpets or anything else on entering a property will definitely put any buyer off.  Even pet lovers will not want to buy a house that smells of other peoples pets!
  • You have carpets in the bathroom or kitchen – buyers want to see flooring in bathrooms that are easy to clean because these are the rooms where all sorts of things get spilt.
  • Badly fitted laminate or wood – squeaky wood floors with badly fitting edging is also a turn off to potential buyers.

What new carpet sells houses

So if any of the above apply you should look at having new carpets to sell your house. Of course you want to pay just enough to get the house sold and no more so what are the things you need to remember when buying this carpet are:

  • You don’t have to like the carpet, this is not the carpet for your home, it is there to make the house look and possible smell better for the purpose of selling the house.
  • You don’t need to choose a carpet with a long wear guarantee, the carpet only needs to look good for the time it takes to sell the house.
  • Choose a neutral carpet and have the same carpet in all rooms, this will make the house look bigger and independent carpet shops can often give a discount if you order more.
  • Get carpets in bathrooms and kitchens replaced with vinyl
  • Choose a felt backed carpet.  You only need underlay if either you want the carpet to last a long time or the floor boards are bad.  For a quick sale just have a felt backed carpet.
  • Fit a doormat, you don’t want your new carpets to be damaged by the people viewing your house.

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