Radiators – Which One Suits My Flooring

When renovating a room it’s important that the flooring and radiators complement each other. Certain rooms require different flooring for durability or luxury; meaning different radiators are needed for different rooms. There are many radiators available and it can be difficult knowing which radiators to purchase to make the most of your rooms.

Living Room
Wood laminate flooring is a popular choice for the modern home. It’s easy to clean and less expensive than hard wood flooring, making them an increasingly sought after choice for larger areas such as living rooms.
If you choose laminate flooring for your modern living room you’ll want a designer radiator that adheres to your style. Designer radiators that turn a conventional heat outlet into the focal point of a room are ideal for those who are trying to achieve minimalism. Radiators that have a funky design can act as a piece of art as well as a heat source. Combine the funky design with a chrome finish and you have the perfect minimalist living room to suit you laminate flooring.
Traditional living rooms can often be misconceived as old-fashioned which is not the case. Carpets can create a traditional ambience with a modern twist. Many radiators can also have this effect. Traditional radiators usually consist of vertical heating elements in a linear formation. Combine this with high gloss chrome, or brushed stainless steel finish and you have a traditional radiator that’s perfect for your 21st century home.
For bedrooms, softer carpets can be used for a very cosy feel. Neutral shades such as beiges, creams and earthy tones can really create a modern bedroom. Team this with a slim line, sleek white radiator to create space. This is particularly effective for smaller bedrooms where space may be limited.
Currently, stones and earthy tones combined with white bathroom suites are a popular washroom choice. Vinyl flooring is popular choice for bathroom flooring due to it being very easy to maintain and rather cheap. Choosing earthy or grey tones in vinyl are very popular for the minimalist bathroom. To create the perfect modern look, team the neutral flooring with a heated towel rail, there are incredibly popular due to their dual functionality as a storage facility and heat outlet. Heated towel rails come in many sizes and styles from traditional to contemporary and are a necessity for space saving in bathrooms.
Karndean flooring is perfect for kitchens due to its durability and easiness to keep clean. Choosing a tile layout is very fitting to the kitchen. Dark, earthy tiles which contrast stark white worktops and stainless steel appliances are popular at the moment. To complete the look aim to opt for a white radiator to match your worktops, or a stainless steel one to match your appliances. Ladder style radiators can be a functional choice as they are suitable for hanging tea towels over.
Remember to ensure all appliances, furniture and ornaments complement your flooring. The key to the perfect home is that everything from the skirting boards to the lampshades tie in with your flooring and walls.

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