Carpet Remnant Sale

Here is a list of remnants we have available as at August 2012, please call Stewart on 07860 869169 to check availability and to arrange to see a sample.

For customers within our catchment area in Leicestershire, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire the prices  includes fitting and a home visit to check size and colour, but not any accessories like doorbars or underlay or any floor preparation that might be required.

If you are outside our area call us for delivery costs.

Product Colour Size Sale price
Garland Berber Tobacco 2.65m x 4m  £85
80/20 Twist Beige 2.5m x 3.6m  £90
Heathcare /office carpet Blue speckled 3.6m x 3m  £130
Kelso Twist Hemp Beige 4.2m x 4m  £130
Origin Vinyl Wood plank Beech 4m x 3m  Sold
Leolan Wonderwood Vinyl Wide Oak Plank 4m x 3m  SOLD
Novilon Nova Vinyl Black Tile 3m x 4m  SOLD
Novilon Nova Woods Vinyl Wood plank oak 3m x 4m  £140
Gala Berber Beige 4.5m x 4m  SOLD
Ribbed Cord Office Carpet Blue 5.4m x 4m  £200
Buxton 80/20 40oz Twist Hemp Beige 4.9m x 4m  £225
Tomkinson Twist Supreme 40oz Desert Beige 3.7m x 4m  £235
Supertwist Tawny beige 5.1m x 4m  £255
Bedroom quality twist Beige 7.3m x 4m  SOLD
Velour office Carpet Green 7.4m x 4m  £265
Leolan Wonderwood Vinyl Wide Oak Plank 6.7m x 4m**  SOLD
Naturally Crafted 100% Wool Beige 5.2m x 4m  £360


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