The Carpet Detective – Hunt for Striped Carpets

Today I had to apply my detective skills to find out the name and manufacturer of  some striped carpets from a photograph one of our customers sent.  It was a lovely striped carpet, 80/20 twist pile carpet.  She knew that Allied Carpets sold it but didn’t know its name.  My first point of call would be to visit the local Allied carpet  store but thy no longer have any carpet shops in Coventry.  The next step was to trawl the internet and eventually I found it on the website of a company in Northern Ireland.  They called it Tate Stripe but none of our wholesalers could tell us who made it.  In the end I called the Irish company and the lady was extremely helpful and told me that it was a striped carpet sold by the Headlam Group called Band of Colour.  I can now get hold of a sample of these striped carpets colours and Stewart can make his customer happy.


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