Wood Flooring in Leicestershire

There are three main types of wood flooring: wood laminates, engineered boards and solid wood floors. Woodlam

Wood laminates are some of the most popular flooring types at the moment.
They look like wood but are in fact a high quality photograph of a wood pattern sandwiched between a chipboard, MDF or HDF board and a transparent wear layer.

Engineered woods are constructed in a similar way to laminates but instead of the top layer being a photograph the top layer is a thin veneered layer of wood with either a varnished or oiled finish.

Solid wood is the most expensive, time consuming and messy product to install. Here solid wood is stuck to the subfloor then sanded and varnished. Currently we do not offer the installation of solid wood and we would not recommend that DIY’ers try it themselves.

We specialise in providing exceptional quality engineered wood flooring and laminates in Rugby, Leicester and surrounding areas to homeowners from across the region.

Quality Laminate & Engineered Wood Flooring in Rugby

Things to Look for

  • The quality of laminate flooring depends on the quality of the 3 layers. Chipboard based wood laminates are not recommended they are prone to damage by chipping. In addition they will expand and contract more than MDF or HDF products when there are temperature changes. Wood laminate products do not change colour like real wood.
  • Engineered boards vary in price according to the type of wood and the thickness of the top wood layer. These boards will change colour as you would expect with real wood.
  • We do not recommend wooden floors for bathrooms, en suites or laundry rooms. The continual moisture in the area causes the boards to expand and contract too frequently. In addition in bathrooms it is impossible to get a good fit around the pedestals unless the suite is removed and the flooring fitted under these.
  • It is essential that the floor is dry and level. Any dampness will cause the boards to warp and unevenness in the floor may cause the boards to break at their joints.
  • Wooden floors have to be allowed room to contract and expand. When fitted a gap of at least 1.5cm should be allowed. This can be covered by skirting boards or beading.

Caring for Wood Floors

Simply sweep up any dust and wash with a well rung cloth or mop. Specialist stain remover is available for stubborn dirt.

DIY Wood Floor Installation

For rooms that are a basic rectangle in shape it is relatively simple for an accomplished handyman. You can order wood products from our online shop, www.sgflooring-online.co.uk all prices include FREE delivery within a 20 mile radius of our base, near Lutterworth, Leicestershire.
To enquire about purchasing wood or laminate flooring in Leicester, Rugby or surrounding areas, contact our expert team today.

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