Wool Carpets & The Campaign for Wool

I didn’t  know until today that there is an organisation devoted to the promotion of wool called The Campaign for Wool.  The campaign was initiated in October 2009 by HRH Prince Charles with the objective of raising the profile and help with the challenges of the wool industry.

Wool carpets and rugs are one of the key areas where we see wool in our everyday lives, and there are lots of benefits to wool carpets compared to their synthetic rivals.

Wool carpets look better & last longer

Wool is a natural springy product this means it can bounce back, so it means that carpets with a large wool content is are more likely to bounce back from squashing by furniture or foot traffic.  This means it wears very well and looks good for longer.

Wool Carpets have natural safety features

Wool is naturally fire inherent and complies with contract fire rating naturally. Wool is alsonon-static – perfect for a room with lots of electrical and computing equipment in it and what home is not stuff full of electrical gadgets nowadays.   This means carpets with high wool content meet the Building regulation codes for commercial installation.

Wool Carpets are Stylish

There are almost an unlimited amoount of wool carpets in a wide range of colours, textures and patterns.  There is something out their to suit everybodies home or office.  Popular companies that make wool carpets include, Adams Carpets, Brintons, Georgian Carpets, Tomkinson Carpets, Alternative Flooring and Ryalux, plus many more.

Wool Carpets offer Great Value for Money

Although in general wool carpets cost a little more than their synthetic rivals they last longer and look good for longer, so over the lifetime of your carpet they will work out less.  It is also possible to get the same colour of carpet in different qualities.  Carpet manufacturers have realised that you don’t want or need the same quality of carpet in your bedroom compared to your hall, stairs and landing, so there are many wool carpet ranges that come in different different weights.  The weight of a carpet tells you how the weight of yarn used per square metre of carpet.  For a heavy wear area you would want a minimum of 40oz but 60oz would be better.  For a seldom used guest room a 30oz carpet is perfectly adequate.




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