Karndean Flooring Advice & FAQ

Karndean Flooring Advice

We have been supplying and fitting Karndean flooring in Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire for over 15 years.   We are always happy to give our customers free Karndean flooring advice and on this page We have tried to answer all the most commonly asked questions but if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us

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Q: Which rooms can I use Karndean Flooring in?

Karndean is suitable for all rooms in the home, with the exception of a complete wetroom.  It is water and slip resistant so good for bathrooms and ensuites.  It is hardwearing and not damaged by day to day use in any room.

Q: Is Karndean suitable for rooms with underfloor heating?

Yes.  It has a low tog rating, and therefore allows good transmission of heating through to the floor surface.  You must make your Karndean flooring fitter know you have underfloor heating as he needs to use high temperature adhesive and give you details of the underfloor heating conditions required before starting the installation.

Q:Can we use Karndean in our new house / new extension etc?

Yes.  However Karndean can only be fitted on a dry smooth subfloor.  This means that it can only be installed on a concrete floor when the floor has had enough time to dry out sufficiently.  A good Karndean flooring installer will test your subfloor and if it is not dry enough, they should not install the floor.  Karndean installed on a damp floor will start to lift and your Karndean guarantee will be invalidated.

Q: Can Karndean be used on stairs /steps ?

Yes.  You will need to have stair nosings, which are an angled strip of metal or PVC on the front edge of the step, to protect the Karndean and make the stairs safer.  There is a wide range of colours, materials and shapes of step nosings available.

Q: Does Karndean get scratched, by my dog, by furniture etc

Yes.  Karndean has a tough wear layer to prevent scratching, but it will scratch if abused.   We recommend the use of felt furniture pads (eg on the bottom of table and chair legs) to limit any damage from dragging furniture. The Karndean Floor care kit includes felt pads in various sizes and for all customers that get a Karndean floor of more than 15 square metres gets one of these kits worth over £35 FREE.

Q: Will a Karndean floor be slippery?

As with most smooth floor coverings, like vinyl flooring, water and other liquid spills can make it slippery. Karndean flooring is designed to be slip resistant but it is not anti-slip, so it would not be recommended for commercial areas such as kitchens or bathrooms where anti-slip safety floor products should be used.   But it is always best to clean up any spillages straight away, and keep the floor dry.

Q: What is the difference between each of the Karndean ranges?

Each of the Karndean six product ranges has a different wear layer and comes in different ranges of colours and styles.  All of these products are suitable for all areas of the home.

Product Wear Layer Thickness in mm Domestic  Guarantee
Art Select & Da Vinci 0.7mm 20 years
Micheal Angelo, Van Gogh & Opus 0.55mm 15 years
Knight Tile 0.3mm 12 years

Q: Can Karndean be used in commercial environments, like offices, shops and schools etc?

Yes, however the guarantees are different and the suitability of each of the products will depend on the commercial use of the rooms.

We hope our Karndean flooring advice pages have been of help.  However if you have a question which we have not answered here, why not contact us using the form below and we will try to answer it.    

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