Bathroom Flooring Choices

Downstairs Cloakroom, Marmoleum with border, Stewart Groom Flooring
When looking for bathroom flooring you need to look for a product that is easy to clean, is able to withstand damp humid conditions and if it is your main bathroom a lot of traffic.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl, vinyl tiles, Karndean and linoleum make good bathroom flooring choices for bathrooms, ensuites, shower rooms and cloakrooms, that will withstand any amount of splashing and still look good.

Care should be take to avoid slipping on these floors. Non-slip vinyl products are available and these should always be used for elderly or disabled persons.

Bathroom Carpets

Nowadays the choice of carpets with the rubber waffle backing designed especially for bathrooms is extremely limited.  This is probably because most people choose vinyl flooring or ceramics for their bathrooms and ensuites.  These carpets will look good longer than ordinary carpets but eventually will succumb to damp and rot. If you want a carpet to look good in your bathroom, I would recommend you buy a cheap felt backed carpet and replace it every 12 to 18 months.

Wood & Water don’t Mix

I do not not recommend the fitting of wood or wood laminates for bathroom flooring or cloakrooms and ensuites.  There are two reasons for this.   Firstly wood and water do not mix, even the tiniest amount of water can damage a laminate or wood floor, resulting in warped and curling boards.  Secondly if you want a tidy finish between the pedestals and the flooring you will need to remove the toilet and sink pedestal to fit the flooring underneath.  If you want wood effect in your bathroom vinyl wood planking  like Karndean or Colonia is a excellent alternative.  Vinyl sheet is also a much better product now with lots of lovely designs and textures.

If you have a bathroom or wet room that is used by a disabled or elderly person we would recommend commercial non-slip safety floor.

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