Living Room Carpets & Flooring Ideas

The living room is the room in the house that everyone in or visiting your home will see and use.  When you are looking carpet and flooring ideas for your living room you will need to choose carpet or flooring that is not only very hard wearing but also has a style which reflects the feeling of your home.   Popular choices in living rooms are carpets, laminates, natural flooring and engineered wood.

Carpets in Living Rooms

Carpets are still the most popular choice for living rooms.  The come in a wide variety of colours and styles.  The living room in most homes gets the most use, therefore buy the best quality carpet you can afford and have underlay fitted as this will make the carpet last longer.  If you eat in your living room a stain resistant or 80% wool carpet will be easier to clean.

The biggest problem in living rooms with carpets is what I call the “TV Shuffle”.  If you always sit in one place in your living room the carpet under your feet here will wear out here first.  There are a couple of simple solutions, firstly take a change of scene and sit in different places in you living room, (this is good for the sofa too!).  Alternatively put a rug under your favourite chair.

Laminates and Engineered Wood in Living Rooms

Wood floors ( & laminates) are a good choice for living rooms in modern or older houses as they are easy to clean and hard wearing, particularly in the case of engineered wood products.  They also  come in a wide range of different wood finishes.  Laminates are considerably cheaper than engineered wood.  The only down side to these products is that they can be very noisy.

Natural Flooring

Natural flooring products, like sisal, jute and seagrass are very hard wearing however most of them feel quite rough, so may not be suited to a family who like to sit on the floor. The look great in all types of property, in older properties they look tradition and in new properties they give a contemporary finish. They’re also good news for the environment as the main raw material are fibres from plants. We are retailers for The Alternative Flooring Company and Kersaint Cobb.  Natural flooring is more expensive than carpet and any spillages can be difficult to clean, so would not be recommended in living rooms with young children who might spill food or drinks.

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