Choosing the Best New Flooring for your Home

New Flooring – An Important decision

Selecting the best possible home flooring is a big decision. It requires careful budgeting and planning, as the result will be part of daily home life for years. Some factors to consider are the amount of foot traffic that a room has, what it is used for, the sort of care that it requires and the impact of colour and design.

There are many New Flooring options

Quality flooring for the home comes in so many types and designs. Good for warmth, there is a huge range of carpeting on the market these days.  There is also hardwearing versatile laminate flooring, plus very attractive engineered wood products that are factory produced but look just like real wood.

Different flooring types generally are suitable for specific rooms although there are no hard and fast rules. A wall-to-wall carpet is usually seen as being best for bedrooms because of the comfort and cosiness it offers first thing in the morning, however, engineered wood is also a possibility because it looks so good and is easy to care for.

Room to room

The lounge is by far one of the busiest rooms in a typical household. It’s where day-to-day TV watching and socialising take place, while the evening entertaining of friends usually revolves around this room.

For an elegant look, engineered wood is a good choice for a lounge as it has an authentic appearance but is extremely durable and very easy to look after. If a cosy, homey style is the order of the day in the lounge, carpeting is the obvious choice. A carpet which is largely wool is easy to clean so food and beverage spillages won’t leave stains.

When considering flooring for a bathroom or cloakroom the obvious factor to keep in mind is the detrimental effect that water and steam might have on the chosen material.

For long-lasting flooring and easy care, vinyls are a wise choice for the bathroom. A product called Karndean offers a stunning range of top-quality designs that are inspired by nature. A simulated wood look, or options such as a limestone or pebble design for the bathroom can combine well with other design features.

Like the bathroom, the kitchen is a high-traffic room where durability against liquid and food spillage needs to be taken into consideration. The Karndean range is superb for adding long-lasting style to this busy room of the house.

In fact for all home areas, Karndean not only has its natural range but a selection of products named Iconic Effects which includes mosaic, ceramic and metal style flooring for a special appearance.

Other rooms and areas in the home, such as an office, the hallway or the dining room, need to be approached with the same level of thought when it comes to choosing flooring that will be there for years. High quality furniture pieces are essential to complement your choice of new flooring, and there are so many styles available nowadays that you will be spoilt for choice.

A new look

Even though flooring choice is not one to be taken lightly, it can’t be forgotten that it is also a pleasure. After all, when the selection process and installation is over, a home is enhanced or even transformed with a new and uplifting look.

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