How to buy the right carpet

Buying a new carpet is not something most people do every day, but a new carpet will completely change the look and feel of your room.

Things to look for when buying a new carpet

The pile density gives a good indication on how hard wearing a carpet will be. It is measured by pile weight. For a living room used by 2 adults this should be about 875g (31oz) per m2 (y2). For a family of 4 or a hall, stairs and landing where wear will be greater, it should be 950g(33oz) or greater.Underlay helps to take the pounding that your carpet gets as well as helping it to retain its looks and add considerably to its life. It helps to prevent dirt coming through the floorboards and acts as a sound proofed and insulator. Never be tempted to re-use underlay as it may have lost its resilience so the new carpet will not wear evenly.

Most carpets come in 3.66m (12′) or 4m (13′) widths this may mean joins in large rooms. Saving on material by having many joins is a false economy as the joins are a natural weakness and should be place outside areas of heavy traffic.

Caring for Your Carpets

Carpets can be vacuumed as soon as they have been fitted. New carpets shed fluff, take care this fluff does not block your vacuum cleaner. Loop pile carpets such as Berbers, should be vacuumed with the suction head only. Avoid using beater heads and brushes or beater attachments, they will catch and lift the fibres, giving your carpet a hairy and felted appearance. Regular vacuuming will remove potentially damaging dirt and grit which are a major cause of premature wear. Install a door mat at all external doors to remove dirt and grit. Protect areas likely to get grubby, such as in front of a fire or sofa with a rug.

Wide Range of Carpets Supplied and Fitted

We supply and install a wide range of carpets from all the popular manufacturers including Mr Tomkinson, Georgian Carpets, Cormar Carpet and Associated Weavers plus some own brand products you might never of heard of, but still look good, come with manufacturer guarantees and deliver a great floor in terms of price and quality.

At the moment the most popular products are in natural shades, like creams, beiges and light browns. Twist piles are still the favourites but textured pile carpets in neutral colours are still in favour.

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