New Build Home – Carpets & Flooring

If  you are about to buy a new build home, in addition to choosing the kitchen and bathroom fittings, you will have to also consider what you want to put on the floor of your new home. Making the right choice is important, not only because your carpets and flooring are always visible, but because they are one of the most hard working parts of your home and it is probably not something you have bought before.  

Builders Carpet Package v Choosing your Own Flooring

Some building companies will offer a carpet and flooring package as part of the deal for a new build home.   They typically will have a small range of carpet and flooring choices available and if you like any of these then often these packages can be a good deal because they are buying in bulk and they do all the organising of carpet and floor fitting.

If you don’t like the choices available then you will need to source your own carpets and flooring.  Often they will give a discount on the house price if you sort your own flooring. Before you ask for the discount, get a quote for the flooring you would like from a local carpet company.  Once you have this information you can then negotiate a good discount.

Choose the Same Carpet Throughout

There are two reasons to choose the same carpet throughout.  Firstly is makes a house look bigger and more open and secondly your carpet shop gets a bigger discount if they order a roll of carpet and they should be able to pass that discount on to you.

Underfloor Heating – Tell your Carpet Fitter/Retailer

Many new properties have underfloor heating and it is important that you tell both your carpet retailer and your carpet fitter.  The carpet and flooring retailer needs to know, firstly because they will need to use underlay that is compatible with underfloor heating.  Secondly they should advise you not to have a deep pile carpet as again this will stop heat flowing to your feet and room.  The carpet fitter must know too, because the normal method they use for fixing gripper and door bars to the floor are screws and nails.  These could go into the underfloor pipes, consequently these need to be stuck to the floor.  Even if you have told the retailer it is always worth mentioning this to the fitter when they turn up to do the work.

Wood, Karndean & Laminate Hate Moisture

If you are thinking about any of these products for a room which has a new concrete sub -floor your floor fitter should be discussing moisture levels in your new home.  The moisture in a concrete floor takes many months to dry out.  Carpets allow the floor to breathe so can be fitted on relatively new floors.  Wood and laminates, will absorb the moisture from the concrete and expand which will result in the boards bending more than the manufacturers allow.  Karndean will trap the moisture under the floor and eventually it will start to pop off the floor.  For these reasons it may not be possible to fit this flooring type as soon as you move in.

Buying a New Build Home in Leicestershire or Rugby

Stewart Groom Carpets and Flooring would be happy to give you a free quote to supply and fit carpets and flooring for your new home.  We are based in South Leicestershire, between Rugby and Lutterworth and work throughout Leicestershire, Rugby and Northamptonshire.  If you new build home can be access we can come along and measure and give you a final price.  Even if you house is not fully built yet we can even give you an approximate price based using the builders layouts if your house is not built yet.  Just call Stewart on 07860 869169 or email us with details.





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